Westside Metals Corp.
Great Prices On Insolated Wire

When you’re looking for a company to dispose of your scrap materials, you need experts who can provide for every convenience appropriate to the field. Here at Westside Metals Corp., we strive to provide exactly that. We have the equipment for testing all materials on or off site, as well as a variety of other services.

We pay top dollar for:
· Copper
· Brass
· Aluminum
· Aluminum Cans
· Lead
· Cobalt
· Tin
· Nickel Alloys
· Stainless
· Gold
· Silver
· Platinum
· Catalytic Converters
· Insulated Wire
· Radiators
· Litho/film
· Ferrous & Nonferrous Metals
· Sheet Iron


Westside Metals Corp.
6400 Stock Avenue
Cleveland, Ohio 44102